Use This Chance To Teach Your Child About Love - Valentine's Day LOVE Books

Show your child you love them with a personalized book about LOVE! Creating a secure attachment and strong bond between a parent and child is a critical process in all areas of a child’s development, beginning at a very young age. We have several books written by our team of child development experts about the concept of love, and by using photographs and familiar situations, the abstract concept of "love" is more tangible for a young child.

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Below are our featured LOVE titles, a wonderful gift for anytime to build self esteem and teach your little one about love:

  • Who Loves Me - A great way to remind the child of all the people that love them, builds self esteem and face recognition for all the family that may be farther away.

  • Loved - Uses photographs and familiar situations to demonstrate just how loved your child is on a daily basis. It is intended to help children understand the concept of being “Loved” in the primary household.

  • Mommy (or Daddy) Loves Me - Teaches your child about a mother’s love for her child. Or, you can easily change it up and make the book about daddy or any caretaker/relative! It looks at adorable baby animals and the parents who love them.


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