Tuesday Toddler/Baby Tip - Raising Grateful Children

Ways to model gratefulness to your young children this Holiday Season

Brought to you by Twigtale expert Allison LaTona, MFT

-Demonstrate gratitude with acknowledgment or tokens of appreciation to the multitude of people in your lives that are helpful…your childcare, gardener, the doctor’s office, the store clerk, etc. It’s small but important.

-Show thankfulness to your children…thank them for specific qualities you value.  “Thank you for your hug." “Thank you for helping mommy.”  “Thank you for listening.”

-Model and prompt children to use thankful words. Being thankful is complex in that it involves empathy and understanding of how it makes another feel. “It’s good manners to say thank you when someone gives you something.”

-Find ways to do service and give back in your local community and neighborhood. With toddlers, you can bake extra loaves of bread or muffins and give to a neighbor: “Let’s share the extra bread with our elderly neighbor who is alone a lot.”

-Collecting canned food for a local food bank: “We are helping people who need more food that don’t have as much as we do”.

-Helping dogs/cats and at local shelter: “We are playing with these dogs and cats who need love and attention”.

-Collecting clothes for a local children’s program: “We are helping other children stay warm in the winter”

-Host a neighborhood hot chocolate stand and donate part of the money to a shelter of your child’s choice. (pre-schooler): “You can keep some of the money earned and then give some of the money to a charity of choice to help others.”




Tuesday Toddler/Baby Tip - Raising Grateful Children was originally published on November 26, 2013. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on January 11, 2016.