Tuesday Toddler Tip: Teaching Our Kids to Stay Safe

As parents of little ones, we all agree that the protecting our kids from abuse and abduction is of paramount importance. That said, parents often feel lost (and anxious) when trying to figure out how to teach young kids about personal safety. Pattie Fitzgerald, of SafelyEverAfter.com, shared a few tips on how to teach our young kids to trust their instincts and keep their bodies safe. 

1. Teach your child: “I AM THE BOSS OF MY BODY!”  This includes letting children make their own decisions about how to express affection.  Do not force them to hug or kiss another person (that includes hugging or kissing you)!

2. Let your child know that safe grownups don’t ask kids for help!!  Safe grownups go to other grownups if they need assistance – teach your child to look out for this red flag.

3. Tell your child to always pay attention to their “Special Inner Voice,” especially if they get an “uh-oh” feeling.

These tips help a child trust his gut and empowers him to say “No!” when uncomfortable.  To help explain these and other tips to your child, Twigtale has partnered with Pattie to script the book, “I’m the Boss of My Body.”  This personalized book helps guide a dialog of personal safety, “private parts,” and "tricky people" without using weird, “yucky” stories or instilling fear.  Best of all, Pattie includes a step-by-step parent guide at the end of the book, with helpful tips and tools, that every parent should know.

Safety Tips courtesy of Pattie Fitzgerald, Founder of Safely Ever After, Child Safety Educator.  For more on child safely, check out Safely Ever After, a great resource for Parents & Kids.



Tuesday Toddler Tip: Teaching Our Kids To Stay Safe was originally published on February 25, 2014. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on January 5, 2016.