The Twigtale Twelve - Pauline Campos

Pauline Campos


Pauline Campos is a Sometimes Radio Personality, a writer, speaker, commissioned artist, award-winning photographer, and founder of Girl Body Pride and #ChingonaFest. She’s also Latina Magazine’s #dimelo advice & relationship columnist. She has been recognized as 2014 nominee for the Hispanicize #Tecla award for Best Parenting blog, a 2015 Latism Top Bloguera and BlogHer ’15 Photo of the Year honoree. Her first book, BabyFat: Adventures in Motherhood, Muffin Tops, and Trying to Stay Sane, will be released September, 2015.


1. Please describe yourself in ten words.

I’m creative, sassy, stubborn, and a master of organized chaos.

2. Nobody ever told me parenting would require me to ...  

Work to put myself first, because it’s so easy to take care of myself last.

3. Kids say the darndest things. One of the best things that ever came out of my child's mouth was ...

She asked me how to say dodecahedron in Spanish. I think she was three? My response? “Child, I don’t even know how to say dodecahedron in English.” I looked it up, though. It’s dodecaedro, thank you very much.

4. My worst 2am moment with my child was ...  

Wait, you mean, there are good 2am moments?

5. My idea of perfect family happiness is …

A quiet day at home with husband and daughter, the sofa bed, lots of pillows, popcorn, and a good movie.

6. What is the best parenting advice you gave or received?  

Wow this one is tough. I write Latina Magazine’s #Dimelo advice column and get a lot of parenting questions, but I’ve answered so many questions I can’t think of just one. I think I’ll have to say the one piece of advice I got that kept me from losing my mind was while I was pregnant. Someone told me not to expect to leave the hospital in anything other than my pregnancy yoga pants. Trust me, this was information I needed. The media does a bang up job of giving the average mom a complex for not being in a bikini the moment the baby’s out.

7. What is your favorite book to read with your child?  

Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities series. It’s incredible.

8. I would win the parenting award for ...  

Most Creative Avoidance Tactics for paying into the family swear jar.

9. I would be put in the parenting penalty box for ...

Most Creative Avoidance Tactics for paying into the family swear jar.

10. If your children were characters from fiction, who would they be?  

Junie B. Jones. Hands down.

11. If your family had theme song, what would it be?  

We tend to sing You are My Sunshine to each other when we see that one of us needs a pick me up, so I’m going with that.

12. The title of the movie about your family life would be ...  

I suck at answering questions like these. Um? We live in Maine, so I’m gonna go with Frozen.


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The Twigtale Twelve - Pauline Campos was originally published on September 4, 2015. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on January 8, 2016.