The Twigtale Twelve - Katy Tanghe


Katy Tanghe


Katy Tanghe is married to Mike and mother to Lily, Henri and Mary. She spent 16 years working in public relations for both large companies and small non-profits. She and her family currently reside in Del Mar, California and enjoy traveling, playing Headbanz, and chasing each other in the surf.  


1. Please describe yourself in ten words. 

A person who is uncomfortable with describing herself…but happy to talk about my kids. :)

2. Nobody ever told me parenting would require me to ...  

Wear spit up as a fashion accessory on a daily basis.

3. Kids say the darndest things. One of the best things that ever came out of my child's mouth was ... 

When my eldest put on prescription glasses for the first time, she said to me, “Wow Mom, I never realized you have so many lines near your eyes.”

4. My worst 2 AM moment with my child was ... 

There were countless, and at the time I thought my life was ending. But with hindsight and rose-colored glasses, I would do anything for a 2 AM moment – it goes by too quickly.

5. My idea of perfect family happiness is …

Any time all five us are together and everyone is happy, engaged and laughing.

6. What is the best parenting advice you gave or received?  

Be yourself – no one else is one hundred percent sure of what they are doing either.

7. What is your favorite book to read with your child?  

The Day the Babies Crawled Away by Peggy Rathman.

8. I would win the parenting award for ... 

Letting the wheels come off the bus and tossing out several house rules while my husband is traveling for work.

9. I would be put in the parenting penalty box for ... 

See above.

10. If your children were characters from fiction, who would they be? 

My oldest, Lily, would be Francesca from a Tree Grows in Brooklyn or Jo March from Little Women. Henri would be Ferdinand the bull. Mary would be a mix of Eloise and the girls from Frozen.

11. If your family had theme song, what would it be?  

New Soul by Yael Naim

12. The title of the movie about your family life would be ...  

La Dolce Vita mixed with National Lampoons.


The Twigtale Twelve - Katy Tanghe was originally published on October 13, 2015, 2015. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on January 8, 2016.