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Betina Chan-Martin


Betina Chan-Martin lives in Los Angeles with her husband, 5-year-old daughter, and she is currently seven months pregnant. Prior to her pregnancy, she was an avid runner, swimmer, foodie, photographer and movie-goer. She loves exploring the intersection of product, user experience and technology to solve real-world problems. Her current passion is in parenting and education tech. She runs product at Twigtale and moonlights on her own iPhone App, UrbanBib (, which helps families discover and rate local kid-friendly restaurants. She graduated from the College of William and Mary in Computer Science, but credits her passion for tech to her “mothership”, and Hulu.


1. Please describe yourself in ten words.

Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, semi-successful multi-tasker. Pregnant Canadian who misses snow. 

2. Nobody ever told me parenting would require me to ...  

Ugh.. the tears.  Who knew that becoming a parent would make me cry (happy tears) so much.  Ask anyone that knows me well and they'll say that I tear up during every Oscar speech or Hallmark commercial. I’ve always been an emotional person, but I tear up ALL THE TIME now - seeing her perform for the first time in front of an audience, or graduate from kindergarten, or making a goal at a soccer game. Even the every day stuff like seeing her hug a new friend, or seeing her eat sushi for the first time, or hearing her sound out a really long word. It’s slightly ridiculous but there’s really nothing that can compare to the pride you feel towards your children.

3. Kids say the darndest things. One of the best things that ever came out of my child's mouth was ...

This past weekend, upon seeing a pillow underneath the covers on our bed:
Maddie: Is that a huge fart trapped under the blankets?
My husband and I:  Ha ha ha ha…yes!

4. My worst 2am moment with my child was ... 

My daughter, 9 months at the time, started having muscle seizures from a rapidly rising fever.  We were at the ER within minutes and she ended up being fine.. but it was the scariest thing that happened to us as parents. We felt completely powerless.

5. My idea of perfect family happiness is …

Anytime I have some quiet down time with my family. Lately, we’ve been playing My Little Pony Monopoly after dinner time, and it’s just nice to have the entire family around a table, unwind and concentrate on something fun and non-sensical. I also love seeing my daughter’s budding friendship with my husband and my parents. It’s the simple things…

6. What is the best parenting advice you gave or received? 

No matter what, your child will start sleeping through the night when she turns 2…or 3.  

7. What is your favorite book to read with your child? 

Besides the Twigtale books (wink, wink), I love all Robert Munsch books, especially Paper Bag Princess. It was one of my favorites growing up and is now one of my daughter’s favorites.

8. I would win the parenting award for ... 

When she was younger and still needed an afternoon nap, I would drive up to an hour and a half every weekend to get her to pass out. It was the only way to get her down and I got to know our neighborhood really well.

9. I would be put in the parenting penalty box for ...

I threw up on my daughter when she was about 10 months old. We were on a whale watching tour, and I was carrying her in an ergo. I couldn’t get her out on time before chunks flew.

10. If your children were characters from fiction, who would they be?  

She is, without a doubt, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. 

11. If your family had theme song, what would it be? 

Some Girl Talk Mix of Happy Together, the Star Wars theme song, and Uptown Funk. 

12. The title of the movie about your family life would be ... 

Until our second one makes an appearance, I think the title of our movie would be my daughter’s name “Madeleine”.  It’d be shot in a similar storytelling style as Amelie.  Our mundane lifestyle would be so much more magical and colorful coming from her point of view.


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The Twigtale Twelve - Betina Chan-Martin was originally published on October 6, 2015. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on January 8, 2016.