The Twigtale Twelve - Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams

Most recently, Ashley Williams is starring alongside Jim Gaffigan in the TVland comedy “The Jim Gaffigan Show.” The show is about a husband and wife trying to raise their five kids in a New York two-bedroom apartment. The comedy draws inspiration from Jim’s real life and also airs on Comedy Central and Spike. It has been picked up for a second season.

Ashley began her career as a teenager in soaps and has worked steadily since. She's shot over a hundred and fifty episodes of television, including the now infamous role of "Victoria" (the cupcake girl!) in How I Met Your Mother.  Last year she made her Broadway debut as the lead female in a stage adaptation of John Grisham's "A Time To Kill" and then appeared alongside Jessica Chastain and Oscar Issac in the critically acclaimed film “A Most Violent Year.” She also starred in the Warner Brothers film “Something Borrowed,” alongside Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin.  Her other favorite film credit is the indie “Margin Call,” which debuted at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and stars Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons and Zachary Quinto. 

In addition to her other interests, Ashley is also birth doula. She currently lives between Los Angeles and New York with her husband and son.


1. Please describe yourself in ten words ...

How do you describe a tornado? Messy. Salty. Dangerous. Windy.  

2. Nobody ever told me parenting would require me to ...

All the poop stuff. The poop stuff is crazy. I never knew there would be so much poop stuff.  

3. Kids say the darndest things. One of the best things that ever came out of my child's mouth was ...

His first cry. It took him a bit to get his first breath in, and when he did it was heaven in a wail. 

4. My worst 2:00 AM moment with my child was ...

The worst ones are a blur. So…my BEST 2:00 AM moment: The first time Gus slept through the night. I wasn’t awake to remember. And it was awesome. 

5. My idea of perfect family happiness is …

Breakfast out with Neal and Gus. The kind where the waiter brings the fruit bowl out right away so your kid doesn’t melt down. Then you order your eggs. And THEN you order a tall stack of pancakes for the table “to share” and your husband pretends not to notice that you ate all of it.  

6. What is the best parenting advice you gave or received?

My friend Betsy said to me one time, “Any bad habits they develop can be pretty much undone in three hyper-disciplined days.” 

7. What is your favorite book to read with your child?

Gus really loves “Where’s Spot?” right now. We read it about 8 times a day. Neal likes “Iggy Peck Architect” but that’s mostly when Gus isn’t there.

8. I would win the parenting award for ...

My EXPERT ability to distract and calm Gus after he gets bonked in the head. It works every time. It cannot be taught. It involves talking to trees. 

9. I would be put in the parenting penalty box for ...

I literally cried one time over spilt milk— spilled breastmilk all over the refrigerator shelf.  A lot of it.  SO SAD.  

10. If your children were characters from fiction, who would they be?  

We’re hoping for Tom Sawyer, and we get glimpses of that in Gus already, but currently he’s more like The Incredible Hulk.

11. If your family had theme song, what would it be?

Breast-Pump Up The Jam.

12. The title of the movie about your family life would be ...

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


The Twigtale Twelve - Ashley Williams was originally published on September 29, 2015. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on January 8, 2016.