Twigtale Cover Stories

One of the perks that comes with publishing personalized books is seeing the wonderful book covers families create. Look, we're just going to say it - each one tells a story. A meaningful, wonderful story. We are honored that you chose to tell it in our books. Our founder Carrie Southworth is thrilled to present two delightful covers from Colleen and Briege. A huge thank you to both of them for letting us share their cover stories! 

Colleen created this lovely book using our Create Your Own title. It was a birthday gift from her daughter Hazel to her cousin Claire. Colleen filled the book with personal photos and memories of the two of them from birth until age three. Adorable! 

Briege personalized our Starting School book to ease her son Colin's back-to-school anxiety. She wanted to make sure he was familiar with his classroom and new routine before school started, so she added photos of his school and personalized the text. She writes: "I believe it helped tremendously with his first week." Colin still loves reading the book and asking others to read it with him. We loved hearing that.