Toddler Tip: How to Sleep Later After Daylight Savings

Noted sleep experts (and the authors of the Twigtale Going To Sleep book), Jill Spivack & Jen Waldburger, put together a few tips to help your little ones get back on track after the time change.  The saying "when baby sleeps, mama sleeps" never really expires! See more from Jill & Jen on Sleepy Planet Parenting, and check out their online course for The Sleepeasy Solution Method.

A few tips to help you and your little one sleep as late as possible after the Daylight Savings change:

* Because the birds and the sun wake up so early in the spring, and because the brain can begin to wake for the day with even minimal natural light coming into the room, make sure your child’s room is VERY dark in the morning (10 on a 10 scale). * Because the sun also stays up later as we move from spring toward summer, make sure your child’s bedtime doesn’t slide past her optimal window. If your child is waking early, adjust bedtime earlier by 10-15 minutes per night, over several nights, to see if your child can sleep longer in the morning (yes, earlier to bed often means LATER to wake up). Don’t move bedtime too much earlier too quickly, or she won’t be tired enough to go to sleep. * Ensure your child is going down AWAKE at bedtime. If you’ve gotten lax about this, let there be no question in your mind about whether she’s asleep or awake as you’re leaving the room. On a 10 scale, 10 being awake, she should be a 9-10! * For 5-7 days consistently, DO NOT get your child out of bed if she wakes early; instead, do check-ins (see our book or DVD for more info). If check-ins upset your child more in the early morning, consider not checking in. Tell older kids in a bed that they if they wake early, they can play quietly in their room till you come get them. * Get a special “wakeup clock” to give younger kids who can’t tell time a visual cue to know whether it’s time to get up. Some of our favorites: the bunny clock by Claessens, and the OK to Wake clock by Onaroo.

Brought to you by Jill Spivack & Jennifer Waldburger.


Toddler Tip: How to Sleep Later After Daylight Savings was originally published on March 9, 2014. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on December 15, 2015.