Toddler Tip: Answering Tough Questions From Your Child

With the Tough Stuff, Start Small and Simple

When talking about hard stuff with your young children, stick to the truth. When your child asks a hard question such as, how did the baby get into your stomach, where do you go when you die, or what does it mean to be dead (it can be hard to talk about dinosaurs without this coming up), you can better understand what they are asking by answering with a question. When it is clear, give a small piece of information that is the truth for you. Parents decide when they are ready to have a baby, then share the mommy and daddy part after you get a response and only in very small doses, (Daddy’s have sperm, mommies have eggs, you need them both to make a baby etc.), but be honest.  At some point down the road you will tell them about the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and even the fine details of making a baby. You want to always be the source for your children, not someone else.

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Toddler Tip: Answering Tough Questions From Your Child was originally published on March 25, 2014. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on December 15, 2015.