The Twigtale Twelve - Bobby Benfield

You know who the best parenting experts are?  Parents.  That's right - you are in the trenches every day with these little creatures and Twigtale wanted to share your voices. 

So began our deliberations on how to ask these wonderful, weariless parents to tell their story in a creative way. But also in a way that says, "We respect your time." We looked to our library for ideas. After all, helping you tell your story is what we do and innovating a personalized story for parents was easy to get excited about. 

The next step was determining the story's script. It needed to be meaningful, but brief. The Proust Questionnaire, a long time feature in Vanity Fair, sparked our imagination. Some questions are playful - "Which words or phrases do you most overuse?"  Some ask the respondent to go much deeper - "When and where were you happiest?"

We poured our hearts into crafting a questionnaire that would evoke inspired answers and honor the story they tell. The result was The Twigtale Twelve. Our CEO Bobby Benfield kicks off the celebration by sharing his responses with you. We haven't asked him to prove his answer to #8 yet, but we'll get a video up as soon as possible. Thanks, Bobby! 


Bobby Benfield


1. Please describe yourself in ten words.

Grateful husband, parent and friend clinging to his inner child

2. Nobody ever told me parenting would require me to ... 

Become Kids’ Place Live’s top listener.

3. Kids say the darndest things. One of the best things that ever came out of my child's mouth was ...

“I’m grateful that my family loves me”

4. My worst 2am moment with my child was ... 

Cleaning up barf.

5. My idea of perfect family happiness is ...

 In the ocean or the pool at sunset.

6. What is the best parenting advice you gave or received? 

To ignore all of the advice.

7. What is your favorite book to read with your child? 

Any Twigtale book of course, and anything with Pete the Cat in it. I love that guy. “No matter what comes along, Pete just keeps singing his song.”

8. I would win the parenting award for ... 

My Joker voice when reading Batman. 

9. I would be put in the parenting penalty box for ...

Come on. In parenting today, we don’t penalize!

10. If your children were characters from fiction, who would they be? 

Right now, Chase and Rubble from Paw Patrol.  In two weeks, who knows?

11. If your family had theme song, what would it be? 

Obla Di Obla Da(“Life Goes On ‘Bra”)

12. The title of the movie about your family life would be ... 

Mission Possible



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The Twigtale Twelve - Bobby Benfield was originally published on August 18, 2015. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on January 8, 2016.