The Generation That Defeated Koopa and Found the Triforce

by Phil Carl Starner

Let's talk about defeating Koopa and saving the Princess.  Are you getting a Gameboy? Oh, and no big deal, but I was playing Zelda yesterday and I finally beat the game. No, really. I did. 

Many shared experiences unite a generation, and video games are now one of them. 

Phil Carl Starner, Twigtale's new Senior iOS Engineer, brought up this recent cultural development while we were discussing Father's Day. Only two weeks in at his new role here at Twigtale, he offered to write something for our blog. 

Let us tell you a little more about Phil. Besides having over 15 years of experience as a software engineer, Phil is also a veteran of the U.S. Army (2nd Battalion 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, to be exact). We love that he shared his voice and story!

Next Level: A Father's Day Reflection. 

On Father's day:  I am an uncle, not a father, but I wanted toshare an experience my cousin had with his son.  My cousin and I both grew up immersed in video games and we're now watching our sons, daughters, nieces and nephews grow through this experience as well.  We recently had a conversation via Facebook that went a bit like this:

Philip: Tell me, has your son ever asked you to beat a level for him?
Russell: He's asked me, yeah. Or, once he asked how to get past a part he was having a hard time with.
Philip: Did he think you were a hero after you did it?
Russell: Oh yeah...that look he gave me after getting past Killer Crock in Batman Arkham Asylum.. . that look was great.

In the spirit of this conversation, I've created a fun, lighthearted piece for Father's Day!  A celebration of the bond between children and fathers enjoying video games!

Fathers today are the first generation,
To share our gaming love with our procreation.
We grew through Atari, Sega, Nintendo, and Game Boy,
XBox, Playstation, and iPad they enjoy.
We had Galaga, Zelda, Street Fighter, and Mario,
They have Batman, Mass Effect, Minecraft, and Halo.
Aliens, Balrog, Bowser, and Ganon,
Reapers, Creepers, The Flood, and Harley Quinn.
The villains are strong and hard to defeat,
The young one turns to me when he's feeling the heat.     
"Hey dad help, this level is rough,"
"I've been trying so hard, but this bad guy is tough!"
I pick up the controller, head in the game,
I'll take on this bad guy whatever his name.
After defeat I hear his cheers,
The child can't believe it, he's nearly in tears.
His look of admiration is steady and strong,
I am his hero. I am the King of Kong.