Coping With Anxiety Around Starting Preschool

by Allison Latona, MFT

Summer's end is nearing!  Both you and your kids may be anticipating a new school year, with new teachers and classrooms, or perhaps starting school for the very first time.

The transition to preschool can be filled with excitement and challenge.

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Toddler Tip: YES!

No.  I hear that word in my nightmares.  "No no no no!" is my preschooler's mantra.  These days I could ask her if she wanted a chocolate sunday while riding a pony and watching the movie Frozen and the answer would be. . . "NO!" Why the resistance?  What's with the "nos?" 

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Tuesday Toddler Tip: Let It Be, Knowing When Not To Step In

Like the Beatles said... one of the most important things parents have to learn is when not to step in to the rescue. Tempting as it may be! Try not to rush in and save your child from uncomfortable experiences, whether it be an awkward social interaction at the park, difficulty holding a crayon or figuring out how to use a toy. 

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Tuesday Toddler Tip - Set Your Child Up For Nutritional Success

It's still January, the month of food-based resolutions everywhere. It's not too late to consider how you can resolve to improve your little ones relationship with food. Want to foster a healthy relationship to food in your child?

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Preparing your child for a new sibling

by Twigtale expert Allison LaTona, MFT

The first time you came home with a newborn, it was new, exciting, totally unfamiliar, and downright stressful. Now… you are about to have another (or maybe you just had another) and while it isn’t new to you, it is certainly new to juggle two, and it is often a big adjustment for your older child. So how do you prepare your child for the big change and help him or her adjust?

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