Toddler Tip - Tricky People Are The New Strangers

Traditionally we have taught children not to talk to strangers, but it turns out a child predator is most likely someone your child knows, not a stranger.Therefore, safety expert and Twigtale author, Pattie Fitzgerald recommends:

STRANGER DANGER needs to be replaced with a warning about TRICKY PEOPLE.

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Toddler Tip: Being The BOSS of Your Body (Personal Safety for Young Children)

These tips on teaching your children personal safety are from Pattie Fitzgerald, safety specialist and founder of Safely Ever After. Pattie reminds us that “Being the BOSS means you can tell ANYONE to leave your private parts alone… even a bigger kid or a grownup!  Being the BOSS means you can tell someone else that you won’t touch THEIR private parts, either!”

Kids love being the BOSS and this empowers them to be able to use their voice in any "yucky," uncomfortable situation. Being the BOSS OF YOUR BODY also works on the playground at school, in case another child is being physically aggressive in some way. The BOSS is in charge of THEIR Body!  (Make sure your child knows that they should tell you anytime someone gives them an UH-OH feeling.)

Pattie authored Twigtale's "I'm The Boss of My Body" and has been successfully teaching Child Predator Safety Awareness since 2001.


Toddler Tip: Being The BOSS of Your Body (Personal Safety for Young Children) was originally published on June 3, 2014. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on December 10, 2015.