Coping With Anxiety Around Starting Preschool

by Allison Latona, MFT

Summer's end is nearing!  Both you and your kids may be anticipating a new school year, with new teachers and classrooms, or perhaps starting school for the very first time.

The transition to preschool can be filled with excitement and challenge.

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Toddler Tip - Tricky People Are The New Strangers

Traditionally we have taught children not to talk to strangers, but it turns out a child predator is most likely someone your child knows, not a stranger.Therefore, safety expert and Twigtale author, Pattie Fitzgerald recommends:

STRANGER DANGER needs to be replaced with a warning about TRICKY PEOPLE.

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Effects Of Moving On Children

by Allison LaTona, MFT

Moving is a big transition for the whole family.  And, for children, it can really disrupt their sense of safety and security.  The effects of moving can manifest in many ways such as  aggression, defiance, increased separation anxiety, and augmented sleep cycles.  After all, you are moving from your child's place of comfort and safety, bringing up varied feelings of sadness, fear, and insecurity. 


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Savannah’s Personalized Big Sister Book: Preparing Toddler for New Baby

by Carrie Southworth, co-founder

Our Twigtale Book:  Still Useful One Year After Baby! I had our second daughter, Lane, one year ago and Savannah’s personalized big sister book from Twigtale is still making an impact.  Just last night Savannah, 3.5 years old, asked if I could play with her.  I was frantically trying to give Lane her evening bottle and get her to bed before the bedtime meltdown was upon us.  

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Toddler Tip: YES!

No.  I hear that word in my nightmares.  "No no no no!" is my preschooler's mantra.  These days I could ask her if she wanted a chocolate sunday while riding a pony and watching the movie Frozen and the answer would be. . . "NO!" Why the resistance?  What's with the "nos?" 

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Guest Post: Fostering Self-Reliance with Betsy Brown Braun

Isn’t it everyone’s parenting goal to raise strong, confident children who become secure and competent adults? We recently attended a parenting session on “Cultivating Self-Reliance” featuring acclaimed parenting expert author, Betsy Brown Braun.  Betsy led the audience through many different ways that we can start to lay the foundation with even our youngest children. 

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