What Has Your Child Taught You?

We recently partnered with Janet Lansbury, of Elevating Childcare, and asked our community of parents: What Has Your Child Taught You? The response was overwhelming and inspiring - thank you! Below are some of the answers we received. 

  • "Patience, Patience & Lots of Patience."
  • "My children have taught me more than I could ever possibly dream of teaching them. I have learned that life is precious, and every moment is worthy of savoring and embracing fully. I have learned to say the things in my heart, right now...because tomorrow may not come. I have learned to give sacrificially, to work well with my husband, to care for our children with love, gentleness, kindness and respect."
  • "That a child's play is their "work" and to positively support all their efforts!  And, also to be the model you want them to see and emulate."
  • "My children have taught me... that I haven't learned anything yet!"
  • "We think we are the ones running the ship, directing the course. But when we step back, quiet ourselves, watch and observe... we learn sooooo much through them. My children have taught me to learn..."
  • "Unconditional Love. Patience I am still learning."
  • "That a child knows how to play and needs no instruction on how to do "it" correctly!"
  • "How to love unconditionally and to be more mindful in all areas of my life."
  • "Thanks to Magda Gerber and Janet Lansbury, my child is teaching me about acceptance. By observing her and helping her navigate her emotions through sportscasting, I am learning what it means to accept a person without judgment. It's an amazing adventure that has helped me grow as a mommy and an individual."
  • "My children teach me who I am. They show me my strengths, my weaknesses, and have brought out some pretty good Lego building skills I didn't know I had."
  • "To enjoy the rain for what it is: it's water, and it's falling from the sky, WOW!"
  • "My child has taught me to be still and to listen. Through her I have learned that a lot can happen in the quiet between sentences, between activities and between places."
  • "How simple pure joy can be when you get down on their level. And patience."
  • "That just because someone isn't doing what you ask them to doesn't mean they aren't paying attention..."
  • "My children have taught me the value of listening just to understand, not to fix a problem."
  • "How to let go of my own agenda."
  • "To trust her strength."
  • "He has taught me that a hug can heal most hurts instantly."
  • And, congratulations to our winner, Patty Gardiner!

All who shared were entered to win Janet's new book: Elevating Parenting, A Guide to Respectful Parenting, available here!

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What Has Your Child Taught You? was originally published on June 11, 2014. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on January 8, 2016.