Telling Your Family's Summer Story

by Sara Garrity, MSW

Our books tell a great story - your story. And it is a privilege to write it with you.

Summer shifts most of our narratives. It can bring a surge of excitement - a vacation, trips to the beach, reconnecting with people you love. It can also bring chaos - a daily routine with less structure, telling your child they will be separated from you while you travel, saying goodbye when a sweet visit ends.

Our books help write your story during both stretches of joy and spells of turmoil. Right now we’re offering 25% off 3 of our titles: Parents Go on a TripWho Loves Me?, and Mama Always Comes Back so you can tell the summer story that is right for your family. We are certain that it’s an important one.

Here at Twigtale, the summer of 2015 has surfaced a few summer stories we love. 

1) Bobby Benfield, our CEO, shares two compelling family stories in one essay. He and his wife’s summer trip was nearing when their toddler’s separation anxiety reached a heartbreaking height. The purpose of the trip made the situation more complicated. They were headed to Vienna, Austria where him and his father would be swimming in the European Maccabi Games. He writes, “My father would be returning to the place where his life was abruptly turned upside down when, at six years old, he was forced to flee Austria to escape Hitler’s reign of terror. Together, we would be competing on the same team — a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.” He recalls his anguish over making the right decision, the choice he and his wife made, and the sweet conclusion to both stories. 

2) Love won. On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court affirmed that same-sex couples have the right to marry. Our legal system is the secure base that allows forward motion. LGBTQ couples too often had to count the vulnerability of their parental rights among the stressors of raising children. When asked what the decision would mean for these families, Gabriel Blau, executive director of the Family Equality Council, replied, "Over and over we hear from children of LGBTQ parents of the lack of dignity and respect they often receive from people who treat their families as not real families because their parents aren’t married. Today that ends in this country once and for all." While there is still essential progress to made, the personal impact on LGBTQ families is profound. Mr. Blau and his husband now have a marriage that is recognized beyond New York's borders, meaning their 7-year-old son has two fathers granted equal protection under the law beyond them as well. 

3) Finally, Jeremy Blachman, author of Anonymous Lawyer, treats us to "A Toddler’s Guide to the Perfect Vacation." His essay, written from a toddler's point of view, offers up many gems of wisdom. Tip number four is an especially useful tool for a guided tour, "Hate the tour? Lead the tour! Here’s a secret: no matter where a tour guide wants to take you, if you start walking somewhere else, someone is going to follow!" We have no rebuttal, young one. We will, indeed, follow you. 

Our summer story isn't complete until you add yours. Write it here


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