Savannah’s Personalized Big Sister Book: Preparing Toddler for New Baby

by Carrie Southworth, co-founder

Our Twigtale Book:  Still Useful One Year After Baby! I had our second daughter, Lane, one year ago and Savannah’s personalized big sister book from Twigtale is still making an impact.  Just last night Savannah, 3.5 years old, asked if I could play with her.  I was frantically trying to give Lane her evening bottle and get her to bed before the bedtime meltdown was upon us.  So I said, “Remember Savannah?  Now that I have two kids, Mommy has more jobs.  Which means sometimes I can’t play with you when you want me to.  But don’t worry, Lane will go to bed soon and then we can play.”   Language I pulled straight from Allison LaTona’s book on becoming a new sibling.  Savannah said, “oh, that’s right” and kept on playing.   And last week, I was cooking and Lane was starting to fuss from the floor where she was playing.  I heard Savannah whisper to her, “What’s wrong Laney?  I know you can’t tell us because you don’t have words yet.  But that’s ok, Mommy can help you with your feelings.”  Again – language straight from Big Sister Savannah book.

The book has given Savannah a framework, a guideline for the experiences and emotions that come with a new baby.  And, of course, the personalized aspect of the book helped the message sink in.  Because her Twigtale book included photos of herself, her family and her home, she was able to better imagine and prepare for all that was to come.

It is amazing to see how powerful these Twigtale books are in action!

Carrie Southworth is Twigtale's co-founder and mom of 2 young girls.


Savannah’s Personalized Big Sister Book: Preparing Toddler for New Baby was originally published on June 3, 2014. Modifications to style, arrangement, and linked sources were made on December 10, 2015.