Is Your Child Starting School? Our Personalized Book Prepares Children for a Fantastic Year!

by Twigtale 

Starting school can be a monumental day for your child. A quick poll around the office revealed some amazing first day of school memories.  For example, Sara fondly remembers the London Fog jean jacket and new pink backpack slung over her shoulder. 

And just like Sara’s fashion preparedness got her off on the right foot, Twigtale’s I’m Starting School book is designed to prepare your child for a great start to the year. With personalized text and photos, the book outlines the school schedule, introduces teachers, and familiarizes your child with the classroom and routines. You can add language that explains all the details, including who will be there for drop off and pick-up, daily activities, and meal times.

Parents have the opportunity to normalize different (and sometimes conflicting) emotions kids might experience during the transition. You can describe all the fun your child will have reading, painting, playing outside, and making new friends. You can also acknowledge that he or she may miss you. I’m Starting School makes it clear that it’s OK to feel both joy and sadness during the day.

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So get ready for the school year, set your child up for success, and make I’m Starting School!  And if you’re looking for additional resources, our experts offer excellent guidance on helping kids have a wonderful school year:

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