Moving Day - Talking to Kids About the Transition


Is moving day bringing up mixed feelings? We asked two moms and one preschool teacher to tell us about their approach to helping children cope with the transition. Allison Lefrak, consumer protection attorney at the Federal Trade Commission; Anne, preschool teach for nine years; and Patricia Sasser, dean of students at a Connecticut boarding/day high school provide their insight below! 


What advice would you give to other parents moving to a new home?/Do you have any recommendations for parents to help their child prepare for and adjust to the move? 


Moving can be stressful for anyone, but when you add kids (and pets!) into the mix it is even more challenging. The moving company told us that they were not legally permitted to put the crib back together at the new house. So I arranged for a handyman to come to the new house on the day of the move and rebuild the crib so that our youngest child would have someplace to sleep. This was a huge help since my husband and I were busy with other tasks on move day and it would have taken us much longer to put the crib together ourselves.


Involve your child in the process as much as possible. This could be as simple as collecting his or her smaller toys and putting them in Ziploc baggies so they are easier to pack.


Make your child's new space feel special. You don't have to go all out, but creating a space they're excited about being in is important. During our last move (from dorm to campus housing), my son went to school, we moved, and he came home to a new room that had Star Wars sheets and a real bookshelf for his literary collection.


Is there a funny or memorable story from the move that you would like to share? 


My son has lived at two different boarding schools and in 5 different homes between those two campuses. My favorite thing is when we move into a new place and you can see the excitement in his eyes right before he takes off to explore his new home, announcing (loudly) everything he encounters on his self-guided tour.