Introducing Our Parent Advisory Council!

I like to think of Twigtale as my third child. (Well, my husband is my third child, so maybe it’s my fourth child.)

Since selling our first book in 2012, Twigtale has grown into a company I am extremely proud of.  We are connecting children and parents through storytelling.  You see, we believe that everyone has a story. There are plot twists and obstacles, but the magic will always remain in how we make meaning of the journey. 

We want to create a generation of happier, healthier children that know their own stories. Today I am proud to introduce the members of our inaugural Parent Advisory Council who will add their expertise and insight to our endeavor.  They will apply that expertise to a range of topics, including the artistry of storytelling, distilling its potential as a parenting tool, and the expansion of our library. 

When forming the PAC, we sought out parents who inspire and connect through personalized storytelling.  We are impressed with the writers in this ensemble and cannot wait to see what innovation springs from the dialog, ingenuity and energy. 

So peruse their bios, follow them on Twitter, ask them questions, and give them a huge welcome! We are honored to have them.

Carrie Southworth                                                                                                                 Founder

Nicole Blades

Nicole Blades has been putting her imagined worlds on paper since third grade as this curious kid growing up in Montreal. That curiosity landed her in NYC after university, working as an intern at The Sally Jessy Raphael Show. From there she became a working journalist putting in her time for the next 18 years first as an editorial assistant at Essence, and later an editor at and senior editor at Women’s Health. She even joined the dot-com boom in the middle of all this, co-founding an online magazine for savvy young women called SheNetworks, securing half a million dollars from five American investors (all men). Nicole has bylines as a freelance journalist writing about race, motherhood, family, identity, and reinvention for publications such as MORE, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan,, and She’s also the Family Editor for and an editor at the tech and style site Cool Mom Tech. Her debut novel, EARTH’S WATERS was published in 2007 (DC Books). But the big, exciting, good news is: Nicole landed a two-book deal with Kensington! The first of her two novels, THE THUNDER BENEATH US, will be published in Fall 2016, and the second book should be out the following year.


Pauline Campos

Pauline Campos is a Sometimes Radio Personality, a writer, speaker, commissioned artist, award-winning photographer, and founder of Girl Body Pride and #ChingonaFest. She’s also Latina Magazine’s #dimelo advice & relationship columnist. She has been recognized as 2014 nominee for the Hispanicize #Tecla award for Best Parenting blog, a 2015 Latism Top Bloguera and BlogHer ’15 Photo of the Year honoree. Her first book, BabyFat: Adventures in Motherhood, Muffin Tops, and Trying to Stay Sane, will be released September, 2015.


Sunny Chanel

Sunny Chanel is a professional content provider/blogger/writer/word stringer. She regularly contributes to Disney’s, Disney's Imagicademy (for their Parent's Portal),, Fandango’s Family Room, and is the Bay Area editor for website/app Mommy Nearest. She is also one of the founders of the lifestyle site Wonder and Company. Her work has been featured on Huffington Post, the BBC, NPR, the Today Show, the Guardian, and Good Morning America. Beyond all the writing, her best gig is hanging out with her husband and their 9-year-old daughter.


Whit Honea

Whit Honea is the author of The Parents' Phrase Book and cofounder of Dads 4 Change, both created to champion empathy, activism, responsibility, hope and social good. His personal writing can be found on the Iris-award winning website Honea Express (Honea sounds like pony). He also maintains Family Life on Earth with his wife and two sons. He is part of the team that runs the annual Dad 2.0 Summit.

For the past decade Whit has contributed to a number of parenting sites including Disney's Babble, BabyCenter, GeekDad, TODAY Parents, Fandango Family, TLC's Parentables and several others. In addition his work has also appeared on CBS, AOL, Orbitz and many other sites.

He currently lives in Los Angeles and likes long walks on beaches.


Megan Jordan

Megan Jordan is a writer, consultant, and co-founding editor of the lifestyle and imagination destination Wonder and Company: Merchants of Adventure and Whimsy. Mother of three, she updates her personal blog,, at a Southern pace (read: leisurely). She recently announced the launch of The Storied Studio, a writing studio the first of its kind on the Gulf Coast, and is opening Wonder and Company's first retail location this winter. Her balance and perspective make her a sought-after voice in the parenting community and among online leaders. Writing from Gulfport, Mississippi, Megan infuses her writing with depth as rich as bayou mud and humor bold as blackened shrimp.


Lisa Quinones-Fontanez

Lisa Quinones-Fontanez is a secretary by day, writer by night and mom round the clock. When Lisa’s son, Norrin, was diagnosed with autism in May 2008, she found herself in a world she did not understand. In 2010 Lisa founded the award-winning blog, AutismWonderland, which chronicled the first years after her son's autism diagnosis.

Lisa has been recognized for her efforts to raise autism awareness within the Latino community. Lisa’s story and her writing have been featured on several websites including Huffington Post Parents, Yahoo Shine and Lisa is a contributing writer at and

In 2014, Lisa launched Atypical Familia: a continuation of AutismWonderland. Atypical Familia is a personal family blog for autism parents. Atypical Familia focuses on working mom life, special needs family travel, entertainment, and autism resources.  

Lisa has an MFA in creative writing from the City College of New York. And she is currently working on a memoir based on her experience as an autism mom navigating the special education system in The Bronx.


Eliana Tardio

Eliana Tardio is a many times awarded blogger and author of two books dedicated to her children, Emir and Ayelén, who have Down syndrome. Seven years ago after the birth of her second child; Eliana started a blog as a journal to share and provide support to Hispanic parents of children with special needs. Throughout the years, her blog has grown to become one of the most popular of its genre with more than 200k monthly readers. Through inspirational posts, Eliana empowers parents to celebrate their kids' unique abilities as the key to succeed in a world that is evolving as the result of our personal commitment to educate and create awareness by example.