Create Your Child's I Am A Girl Story!


I Am A Girl was scripted by Catherine Connors. It is a story meant to help young girls realize their limitless potential by opening their minds to a world free of traditional stereotypes. We are partnering with Catherine to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of the book to She's the First, an organization that helps educate girls in low-income countries around the world. The idea for "I Am a Girl" was sparked by a conversation Catherine had with her own daughter, which she detailed in a recent essay published on titled I Refuse to Call My Daughter a "Tomboy".

Just like all of Twigtale's books, the script can be customized and your personal photos can be added to make the story yours. Below is a sample of pages from the book Catherine created.  

I Am A Girl is available in English and Spanish! Create a story for your child today.