12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Inspire Storytelling

by Twigtale

If you're looking for some last-minute gift ideas and feeling a little fatigued by holiday commercialism, we have some inspiration for you! Below is a list of 12 gift ideas that will inspire the storytellers in your family. 

  1. A blank journal paired with a nice pen or a selection of markers.
  2. That same journal, but with story prompts written by you!
  3. A sketchbook accompanied by a set of colored or charcoal pencils. Consider including picture suggestions - kids of all ages will love having art assignments!
  4. A disposable camera (yes, they still make these!) and a notebook. Write photo prompts in the notebook, such as "Take a photo of someone opening a present."
  5. A good, old-fashioned photo album bundled with an envelope full of family photos. Gift it to your kids and ask them make DIY photo books of your family's year.
  6. A canvas bag and a set of fabric pens from any craft store. Craft instructions for how to design, color, or decorate the bag in a way that says something special about the recipient.
  7. A magnetic poetry kit. Include a small magnetic desk board so that your poet can create verses on the go.
  8. A scrapbook, scrapbooking supplies, and an invitation to a scrapbook-making date. Include photos or tokens of a shared memory to make this really personal. 
  9. A stack of beautiful paper and some matching (or mismatched!) envelopes, with a handwritten letter inviting the recipient to write more letters. Add a set of stamps to encourage creativity!
  10. A keepsake box. Select one or two meaningful mementos to place inside. 
  11. A pin board - the real kind! Pin a few carefully curated items to it, such as a photograph, letter, inspirational quote, recipe, photo viewer keychain, or movie ticket stub. 
  12. A small chalkboard and a set of brightly colored chalk. Or, if you're feeling really ambitious, paint a old coffee table or other large flat surface with chalkboard paint for a different kind of creativity space.