Five of Our Favorite LGBTQ Parent Blogs

by Sara Garrity, MSW

Today is the launch of our new LGBTQ Family Story. Our books are designed to be personalized because no family story is the same. However, we know it’s also true that personal stories connect us to others in a powerful way. We love reading the blogs of parents who connect to others by being brave enough to authentically and honestly share their story. Today we are highlighting five blogs from LGBTQ parents whose writing and storytelling skills do just that. 

1. Life with Roozle

Casey Carey-Brown is a mother co-parenting her daughter with her wife, who she is separated from.  What impresses us about this blog is the way she stays connected to her audience.  She publishes something new every day, whether it’s a picture, an essay or a short exchange of dialogue with her daughter, and she also writes a weekly column specifically about LGBTQ parenting for

2. Adventurous Moms

Jen Bauer describes herself as an “Outdoor adventurer. Traveler. Writer. Photographer. Filmmaker. Communications Professor. Wife. Mom of twins plus one." Clearly she has a lot of great stories to tell. She writes about her various adventures (we couldn’t get around it), explorations, and daily family life. She also details the route she and her wife took to becoming parents of three children.

 3. Jerry Mahoney

Jerry Mahoney is a comedy writer and stay-at-home father raising twins with his boyfriend/partner Drew. He published a book detailing his journey to fatherhood titled Mommy Man: How I Went From Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad that received rave reviews.  His blog features insight into several of the cultural and legal issues that impact LGBTQ families, commentary on family life, and interesting interviews that get to the heart of the interviewee’s story. We also recommend checking out his New York Times Modern Love article here.

4. Designer Daddy

Brent Almond and his husband adopted their son three years ago. He is a graphic designer and illustrator who writes on family life, being a gay parent, being an adoptive parent, the struggle for marriage equality and superheroes. His essay on his Star Wars viewing experience vs. his son’s warmed our hearts and reminded us to use The Force.

5.  The Natty Dad

The “About Me” section is worth a read. Stephen recalls his partner discusses children early in their relationship. He writes, “Kids? Up to that point I had not given it much thought.  Are parents even allowed in at Club G? Parenting was not part of gay culture...yet.” But seven years ago, he went from a successful career and a lifestyle that included international travel several times a year to stay at home dad. He writes about parenting his seven-year-old daughter and shares delicious recipes and healthy eating wisdom. Though we couldn't find the answer to whether or not they let kids in Club G.