How Do You Describe Your Toddler?

by Twigtale

Who is your child’s biggest hero?  You! Dr. Harvey Karp, Twigtale’s Editor-in-Chief, explains that even though you may not always feel it, you are at the top of your toddler’s list of rock star celebs! That means your words are super important, especially the ones you use to describe him.

So, what labels or characteristics do you assign to your child? Dr. Karp advises reframing any negative labels you use to define your child. Here are some ideas:

When parents use negative language, it’s often their child’s action that they are frustrated with. For example, maybe your toddler is constantly wandering off or running away. Rather than calling her defiant, you might describe her as an explorer! That doesn’t mean you don’t address his behavior, just that you don’t hang a demeaning and discouraging label around her neck. After all, the world is better because of people who had the desire to wander off and explore!

Dr. Harvey Karp is Twigtale's Editor-in-Chief. He is a renowned pediatrician, child developmental specialist, and one of America’s most trusted parenting experts.  Website:  Follow him on Facebook, and Twitter