Cover Story - Lauren

by Twigtale

We're excited to introduce a new regular feature to the Twigtale blog! Carrie Southworth, our co-founder, will be presenting some of her favorite Twigtale book covers. In Carrie's own words, "As the Founder of Twigtale, nothing gives me more joy than seeing the covers of ordered books come through our site." Now she will be sharing that joy with you! 

Lauren created this beautiful cover while personalizing our "Parents Go on a Trip" book. She and her husband, who live in California, are taking a vacation while their daughter visits her grandparents in New Jersey. Lauren writes, "I absolutely love the concept of Twigtale and have already recommended it to friends and plan to use it again." She also noted when making the book, "It was so user-friendly to include pictures of her in NJ with her grandparents and uncles." 

We wish Lauren and her family a great trip! 

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