Carrie Southworth on This Week in Startups!

by Sara Garrity, MSW

Our Founder Carrie Southworth was interviewed by Jason Calacanis on his This Week in Startups podcast yesterday. If you couldn't watch the live broadcast, a recording is posted below! 

You don't want to miss this dialogue. Below are some gems from from the interview. 

-     Jason is a "high extrovert" and loves doing this podcast. We like his story. 

-     Carrie tells Twigtale's origin story. It starts with two best friends - Carrie and our  Co-Founder Nishad Chande. Nishad's son was about to start school. His son's new teacher gave Nishad an idea to help with the transition - make a personalized book! Nishad is a mover and a shaker and did not have time to make a 20 page collage. He searched the internet. He found some websites that were not Twigtale, but allowed you to add pictures to a book. It took him six hours to make the book, but his son loved it and the transition was seamless. Nishad was inspired. He called Carrie. Magic happened

-     Carrie introduces our new Twigtale app! Jason says, "Beautiful app by the way. Great design." Jason, you had us at "Beautiful app."

-     Carrie and Jason discuss the evolution of how we talk to children. They observe that modern parents are open to discussing emotions, while previous generations kept a "stiff-upper lip." Jason notes that when you talk to your child about a difficult experience, they are more equipped to deal with it next time. Jason gets us. 

-     Carried explains why Twigtale books help you connect with your child - the personalized story enchants them and our child development experts outline the script with language that kids understand. 

-     Jason reads our Big Sibling book, including the previously mentioned expertly scripted language that explains it's OK to have two feelings about this major change. It's normal to be excited and sad during a big transition. The office is captivated and soothed. 

-     Jason brings up Stanford vs. Harvard Business School. We feel anxious and we have no idea why. Then we remember it's OK to have two feelings. 

-     Carrie articulates something that is important to us - Twigtale helps write YOUR story. We don't tell parents how to parent. Our experts provide a script. You personalize it. 

-     Carrie tells Jason about our new Parent Advisory Council and why we think they are going to have a powerful impact on our story. 

-     Carrie and Jason make a book on our website. Carrie graciously gives Uncle Jason the author credit. 

-     Jason says our book builder is "Really well designed." We don't think it's because Carrie gave him the author credit. Thanks, Jason! 

-     Carrie shares the good news - listeners can use code TWIST25 for 25% off of our library

-     Carrie explains how Twigtale's participation in the Disney Accelerator took us to the next level. Jason thinks he is still "technically a mentor" for the program. Technical or not, he'll stay a mentor in our hearts. 

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Here is a recording of the interview. Fast forward to the 11:13 mark and get inspired!