Carrie and Nishad are childhood friends from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (it’s a long story). They are dedicated parents living in Los Angeles and the co-founders of Twigtale.


When Nishad and his wife Lara’s two year old son (Remi) was having difficulty grasping the concept of his new pre-school schedule, Remi’s teacher suggested putting pen to paper and writing a story to help Remi understand the new routine.  Not trusting his own artistic ability, Nishad went online and created a photo book using photos of Remi’s new teachers and classroom, explaining what Remi’s pre-school week would look like.  Remi was obsessed with the finished product.  He was fascinated by the photos of himself and asked that the book be read to him multiple times a day.  Pretty soon, Remi seamlessly transitioned to his new school.  He no longer had questions about what he would do in the classroom, or who would pick him up at the end of the day.  The photo book had let Remi in on “the plan” and had given him confidence and assurance.

The only problem was creating the photo book online took a lot of time.  Nishad wished there were a way to make these books for Remi without having to spend hours on the computer writing appropriate text and choosing fonts, backgrounds, and covers, etc . . .

Thus, the idea for Twigtale was born.


Carrie and Nishad worked on developing a website that would allow time-strapped parents to create personalized books to help with childhood transitions.  They consulted a number of child development experts, including Allison LaTona, spent hours talking to parents of young kids, and most importantly, read a whole lot of early Twigtale books to their kids to see what resonated. Nishad's wife Lara spent many late nights with the team helping them design and develop the site in the early days of the company.

Along the way, they brought on Bobby Benfield, an e-commerce expert with Shopzilla experience, Andrew Kin, who has a long background in strategy consulting at Bain & Company, and Carolyn Guimbarda, who has an extensive background in marketing, digital media and strategy consulting to continue growing the company.  All are parents of young children in Los Angeles.  In 2015, Dr. Harvey Karp joined as Editor-in-Chief, Betina Chan-Martin as Head of Product, and Boram Yoon as Lead Engineer.  Sara Garrity also joined as Copywriter.  Blame all spelling and grammar mistakes on her.  Twigtale headquarters are located in Marina del Rey, CA.

No matter what the childhood transition, we work tirelessly to make sure Twigtale is there to help, every step of the way!